What is my Life's Purpose?

>> Thursday, November 12, 2009

What am I going to do with my life? What is my life's purpose? Why am I here?

Trying to find your life's purpose is something that everyone has thought of at one point- and some of us may spend time stressing. Whatever you are doing right now, int his moment, is your lifes purpose. How inane is it! To get caught up in what might happen in 'the future' or how you can find fufillment in your life when everything you ever needed is right here, right now.

When we "awaken," we have stepped out of the external and mind dominated world, the thoughs in our head, the drama, and we have internally aligned. We have connected to the source.

Awakening if the first step to realizing your life's purpose. When you awaken, there is a shift in consciousness and you no longer take the thinker in your head so seriously, and you begin to understand the fleetingness of all things.

The only purpose we have to consciously evolve. Any other purpose that we have is an outer purpose.

When we are internally aligned our outer purpose is no longer of such great importance. We may pursue a career, or embark on some on a journey, but when we are in balance internally our outer purpose will fall into place.

Our life's purpose is ever changing and always evolving. We are not meant to do one thing for the rest of our lives. Whatever you are doing right now is your life's purpose. Why? Because this is the experience we are having right now. Everything else - past and more frequently future moments - are only a seemingly important facade that the mind makes up.


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