What If You Could Live Your Life Over?

>> Monday, November 9, 2009

   If you had the chance to start from scratch, to begin your life again with all the knowledge of everything that you have learned thus far.. what would you change?

Would you finally tell someone how you felt? Forgot about old grievances and forgive and old friend?

  The secret is that every moment is a chance to turn it all around - that is why this moment is called the present. There is absolutely nothing is holding you back from being everything that you have possibly ever imagined wanting to be! Don't be fooled by a world obsessed with thoughts, material gain, or climbing the so-called "corporate" ladder.

Chase your dreams no matter where they will take you. Follow your heart even if it means turning your back on the whole world.

If I could live my live over I would:
Never be afraid to tell people how I felt.
Let the people that I know how much I love them.
I would show more kindness to strangers.
I would worry less about money, bills, or anything 'important.'
I would spend more time in nature.
I would have more compassion and understanding for other people.
I would watch less and read more.
I would do one thing a day that scared me.
I would worry less about what people thought about me, and more about what I thought about other people.
I would listen more and talk less.


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